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Your Ultimate Guide To Modular Kitchen Interior Designs

As more households are seeking a flawless cooking experience, modular kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a wise decision because modular kitchen interior designs provide greater storage space than traditional kitchens.

Cupboards help you organize your appliances, ingredients, cups, and dishes, allowing you to operate more efficiently.

Dedicated drawers, on the other hand, can keep your kitchen functioning smoothly. The benefit of these cupboards and drawers is that they can be customized to hold various sizes of pots, pans, cutlery, and other kitchen items.

Luxury modern kitchen designs are classy, convenient, and mess-free, allowing you to use your kitchen in an organized manner. Furthermore, this blog will assist you in selecting the ideal modular kitchen interior design to make your kitchen look stunning and functional at the same time.

Choose A Modular Kitchen Design That Is Perfect For You

modular kitchen design

We get confused as to which design to choose for our kitchen when it comes to kitchen interior design. And a typical mistake we make is to look at another person’s kitchen and then design our own without considering our own usage and requirements. 

This is where we must first determine what our basic requirements are when it comes to kitchen design. And to determine what is our available space.

Let’s look at the four main Modular Kitchen designs:

  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

It is advised for kitchens that are spacious. The U-shaped modular kitchen design is suitable for large joint families with a lot of cooking to do or where more than one person is required to work in the kitchen. 

This kitchen layout provides adequate storage and counter space while being connected on all three sides. It has plenty of storage space and can fit a variety of appliances.

  • L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

This is the most common and popular type of kitchen design. The worktop and other cabinets are joined at an angle in this design. We get extra room to work in this style of kitchen design. 

This design just requires two connecting walls, which obviously provides us with more space to work and stroll without feeling crowded. It is most commonly used in small to medium-sized families.

  • Island Modular Kitchen:

A freestanding cabinet is an ‘Island Modular Kitchen Design.’ It’s a counterpart to the ‘L-Shaped’ or ‘U-Shaped’ Modular Kitchen design. Additional storage space, counter space, a dining area, a tiny working station, and even a small working sink are among the amenities.

Furthermore, with the additional counter space, this design improves the aesthetics of your kitchen and allows you to multitask. SpaceEdit Studio, interior designers for modular kitchens in Navi Mumbai, can provide designs customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • Parallel Modular Kitchen:

“Parallel Modular Kitchen Design” is another term for “Galley Kitchen Design.” With cabinets on both sides and the ability to use both the upper and lower sides of your kitchen, this kitchen design also provides a lot of storage space. This kitchen design has the extra benefit of having two sets of counters that may be utilized for numerous functions while also saving space. The parallel modular kitchen price in Navi Mumbai is comparatively lesser than other types.

Kitchen Interior Design & Color Trends 2022 For Your Kitchen

ultimate guide to kitchen interior design

Let’s walk through the kitchen interior design and color trends for 2022 that will make your kitchen a cooking haven!

People are searching for peaceful and natural color palettes in their culinary havens, according to estimations for kitchen color trends in 2022

Yes! We shall see a lot of soul-soothing colors in kitchen decor as 2022 becomes the year of sustainability and conscientious design.

However, we’ll see a lot of bright colors too, particularly in backsplash designs. Let’s check out various color palettes that will be the trend of the year:

  • Pink Terracotta Is Surely A Yes

Terracotta pink is a wonderful choice when it comes to earthy and natural colors. It has an earthy but contemporary tone to it. Second, it gives the kitchen a more natural sense. To create a fashionable kitchen interior design, our expert and creative kitchen interior designers combine it with white and wooden colors.

  • Olive Green Is The Talk Of The Town

Green will undoubtedly rule the trendiest kitchen color palette in 2022, as it is the year of naturalness. However, among the several green colors, olive green will be the most popular. The color’s soft tone is quite relaxing. Furthermore, it is a very metropolitan color tone. SpaceEdit Studio interior designers can use olive green in your kitchen cabinets, walls, and lighting to give your cooking space a more natural vibe.

  • Navy Blue Is An Interesting Choice

Blue is proving to be a popular choice for kitchen design. Although we adore all colors of blue, the darker shades are ideal for the kitchen. This year, navy blue will be one of the most popular cabinet colors, among others. The color looks fantastic with metallic accessories and wooden floors, all of which are expected to be popular in 2022.

  • A Splash Of Yellow Is Never A Bad Idea

Yes, vibrant colors and pops of vivid colors will remain popular in 2022. Add a splash of bold color to your kitchen interior design if you believe the other kitchen color ideas are too mild for you. A splash of yellow, for example, may look fantastic in a turquoise kitchen. You may apply the yellow pop to your backsplash instead of the cabinets. 

  • Very Peri The Color Of The Year

The color Very Peri, which is chosen as the color of the year, has instantly become a favorite among kitchen interior designers. You can use it on your kitchen walls or as wallpaper. SpaceEdit Studio can provide kitchen interior designs that may choose Very Peri as a cabinet color because colorful cabinets are very popular this year. 

Now that you know what designs are trendy and popular, as well as which styles work best for your space, you can select which kitchen design is right for you.

We at SpaceEdit Studio understand your requirements and are happy to assist you. We can create modular kitchen designs that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our professional kitchen interior designers are always eager to assist you in designing your kitchen to meet your specific needs.

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