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Reside In Style With Top Interior Design Trends In 2022

Every year, the distinct feeling regarding interior design trends is “out with the old, in with the new.” Home décor and interior design constantly evolve, whether a complete home makeover or a targeted-area facelift. And, so are design concepts.  Like every single year, interior design trends 2022 also introduced new styles and themes to be mindful of.

When it comes to interior design and home décor, sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials have also become top priorities for many. And it’s predicted that a significant effort will be made in that regard in interior design trends in 2022.

Here, in this blog, we will walk you through the 7 interior trends that will be in demand this year.

Home Interior Trends In 2022

Home Interior Trends In 2022

Like every other year, 2022 also brought some interesting home interior trends to give a refreshing and renewing energy to your living space:

  • Chubby Designs Will Be ‘In’

The 2022 decor is cute! Sleek, compact designs have been the trend in recent years. More chubby furnishings will now be seen. More curved doors, rounded windows, and mirrors will be used in 2022. 

To complement the chubby design concept, more curved forms, and organic shapes will be included in the interior. Your space feels softer and cozier if you choose rounder forms rather than angular ones.

  • The Green Revolution

Both indoor and outdoor plants prove to be amazing companions for us. And in 2022, this love for having plants in the dwelling is still intact. So, Interior designers believe that green-filled homes will be prevalent in 2022 as well. 

Biophilic designs with flora and fauna are certain to be a mainstay in home décor this year as well, whether it be used as accents in the living room, a lush corner of greens in your bedroom, or even highlighting a few little plants in one’s bathrooms.

  • Memphis Designs Are Back

The Italian design and architecture company Memphis Group introduced the Memphis design era in the 1980s. Due to its bright and striking pops of colors and patterns, this style is simple to identify. 

The components of Memphis-inspired design include simple geometric forms, flat colors blended in bold, contrasting palettes, and stylized graphic patterns defined by black-and-white stripes and abstract swirls. In 2022, an increasing number of people will choose brighter colors in a more subdued version instead of using dull monotones.

  • One Room, Many Uses

The idea of working from home created an intriguing aspect of interior design for multipurpose rooms. And according to experts, a variation in the layout that allows for multifunctionality will be a significant home décor trend in 2022. Additionally, open floor layouts are probably going to lose favor.

The primary goal will be to create single areas that may be used for a variety of purposes. This shift in interior design patterns also supports the “space crisis,” faced by many homeowners in metros like Mumbai. To make the most of the other rooms in the house, it is advantageous to include a few multipurpose spaces.

  • Use Of More Black Accents

Modern Indian millennial globetrotter homeowners are now open to experimenting with both colors and patterns. Black is one of these colors that will be well-liked in 2022. Black accents can help you highlight your space in an elegant and striking way.

Whether it’s adding some drama or enhancing the appearance of a neutral space. If you live in a small apartment, stick with a soft color scheme and stack the accent pieces in black.

  • Being Earthy

Earthy and neutral tones are expected to play a major role in interior design color trends in 2022. Earthy hues and textures will create a meaningful presence this year, whether it is in wall colors, home décor, tiling, cabinetry, or even just design elements.

Consider using shades of brown, rust, white, and cream, as well as vibrant orange and green. These colors are anticipated to be chosen not just for home furnishings but also for components. These shades will be loved because of their mature feel and sense of calmness.

  • Adding A Personal Touch

A house becomes a home not just because of its design but also because of the people who live there. The most important aspect of interior design in 2022 will be adding personal touches to the home. Interior designers at SpaceEdit Studio work on designs with highly personalized interiors to represent the personality of homeowners in order to create a space that is warm and homely. 

You may use photos to make a gallery wall of memories for this. Also, only use decor that you have collected during travels or those you have received from family and friends that have some significance to you.

Get A Dreamy Home With Best Interior Designers In Navi Mumbai

Get A Dreamy Home With Best Interior Designers In Navi Mumbai

We truly hope you liked the blog and found it to be useful! If you want stunning interiors for your home in Navi Mumbai look no further and contact SpaceEdit Studio. Book a  consultation with us today. SpaceEdit Studio is a flourishing interior designing company in Navi Mumbai.

We manage timelines while providing safe, top-quality interiors for homes and businesses. Always remember that your dwelling place is just as significant as any other aspect of your life so does it up in style!

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