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Our Team

SpaceEdit Studio fabricates a design-experience that is unparalleled. With our team of dedicated interior designers and creative designers, we help you bring your dream space to life.

With a vision to create simple, elegant and functional designs, our team delivers both home as well as commercial interior projects with utmost thoughtfulness and creativity.

Our team comprises interior designers with an eye for detail and an exciting array of experience and styles for every home and commercial interior project.

The team at SpaceEdit Studio has a very creative spirit and a pertinent sense of practicality in the designs which they recoup each time they take up a new project!

Nimisha Desh

Co-Founder & Creative Designer

Nimisha is a Design Graduate from Nottingham Trent University, Uk. With an experience of
around 3 years, she has a genuine passion for designing. Nimisha likes creating designs for
modern home decor that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical and which defines her client’s
preferences and desires.

Nimisha believes that you ought to adore your abode, and that we will assist you with meeting
that objective by tailoring a space that exclusively mirrors you and your lifestyle

Nimisha has a keen eye for design and color palettes and is surely an interior related problem-solver. With her calm and focused nature she creates designs that are simple.

Her Philisophy
" Our soul craves for good design. That’s why sometimes when you use a product you feel it is a great one. Why? Because it is a reflection of who we are and what we need. "

Sandhu Sharma

Co-Founder & Interior Designing Contractor

Sandhu is an exceptionally experienced interior designing contractor with more than 25 years of experience. He is a self-starter and talented design maestro who has successfully completed 400 projects. He can tackle any sort of design issue and come up with a solution in an extremely brief time frame period.

His motto is to boost the lifestyle and surroundings and add a feel good factor to the clients’ life. With such vast experience in the interior designing, demolishing, refurbishment and renovation of spaces, Sandhu is an ardent for providing designing solutions.

He aims at offering the best possible interior solutions to clients and strives for excellence in every project. His thorough understanding for both residential and commercial spaces and immense experience allows clients to trust him for a successful project completion with a pleasant experience

Her Philisophy
" If you think good design is expensive then you should look at the cost of bad design "