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Living Room Interior Designer

Best Living Room Interior Designer In Navi Mumbai

We all desire a living room that mirrors our character and personality and is cozy at the same time. The living room is a totally exquisite space for engaging with your loved ones.

It very well may be a spot for your house parties or a space to relax and watch episodes of your favorite web series. We have the best living room, and interior designers, in Navi Mumbai to add charm to the most engaging room of your home, your living room!

The living room is one of the spaces in your home where you spend a lot of time. Getting the stylistic layout right is the way to establishing a decent first impression and creating the vibe for the rest of the home.

Being the center point of the home, the living room naturally acts as a focal point around which everything revolves. Our living room interior designer create designs for your living room using a variety of styles and substrates that are a reflection of your taste and desires.

Modern furniture, a woven or patterned rug, an ornate wall clock, and a vibrant wall painting. We create designs for your living room with a balance in all these elements. We are the most trusted interior designers in Navi Mumbai providing interior design solutions for residential as well as commercial spaces across all the areas of Navi Mumbai.

Give Lasting Impressions With The Finest Living Room Interior Designer

Traditional Living Room Theme

Contemporary Living Room Theme

Modern Living Room Theme

Minimalistic Living Room Theme

Our living room interior designer In Navi Mumbai incorporates many things while creating unique and alluring designs for living rooms. Before creating designs for you we consider the availability of space.

Our living room interior designer pays attention to every detail from the size of the furniture to the dimensions of rug. We choose the right colors and balance it with furnishings that give a calmative atmosphere. Our living room designs embrace a modern and minimalist aesthetic touch

SpaceEdit has a reputation for boosting the charm of any space with the selection of multi-piece, contemporary and clean-lined furniture. Along with other accessories like vibrant artworks, planters and luxurious upholstery, we can design your living room that is customizable as per your space and needs.

Best Dining Room Interior Designer

Pursuing the ideal choice with regard to a contemporary dining room can be a perplexing task, as there has to be a fine harmony between solace, style, and functionality while choosing the design. 

The dining room in many homes has been an integral part of the living room. In metro cities like Mumbai, the space crunch makes it a living cum dining room. And so this social yet private space needs to be designed smartly. 

  • Our expert dining room designer can help you in giving a modern yet comfortable decor to your dining space. 
  • Lighting, furnishing, and seating are only a portion of the main perspective that must be thought of in the process of getting your dining room designed. 
  • In the event that you’re an admirer of cozy yet chic decor, we welcome you to work with us. 
  • Our modern dining room designers in Navi Mumbai create unique designs for dining spaces that are in sync with your lifestyle and personality.

The living room is one of the spaces in your home where you spend a lot of time

Our living room themes include:

Traditional Living Room Theme

Our Traditional Theme for the living room is a style that is soaked with sophistication and elegance. We create designs for this theme based on decor ideas from, harking back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The furnishings we use in this theme are finely created with persuasively crafted wood-tone pieces. Decorations used for the living room in this theme are refined and extravagant. An element of elaborate woodwork is the life of this decor theme.

Contemporary Living Room Theme

Our Contemporary Themed living room interiors are a fusion of a wide range of styles like traditional, rustic or modern themes.

The Contemporary living room comprises a blend of clean-lines and shapes, open spaces, simple and elegant designs with no extra carvings. Also we use sober fabrics for sofa sets and use a glass center table to make the living room capacious .

Modern Living Room Theme

The very first thing to be understood is that modern doesn’t mean contemporary. Modern Theme designs are simple yet profound. 

Our Modern Themed designs are effortless, uncluttered and pairs well with a minimalist subtlety. We use glass as a chief adornment for this theme as it lends a subtle, clean and spacious motif to the living room.

Rustic Living Room Theme

Rustic Theme emphasizes on solace and homely look. The tones present in our Rustic Theme are those found in nature. Rich tones of wood are utilized, supported by stone and other natural color tones. 

Leather is a great choice for furnishings in this theme. If you are thinking of a cozy living room, and trying to get motivation from nature, you will be well headed to our Rustic Theme.

Bohemian Living Room Theme

If by any chance you have a gypsy spirit in you, then definitely our Bohemian Theme for the living room will inspire you. With lots of natural textiles, bright colors and eclectic charms, we design Boho themed living rooms for our clients who consider themselves free-spirited.

Minimalist Living Room Theme

Our Minimalist Theme for living rooms basically revolves around the idea of having less physical clutter in your living room to make it look spacious, full of energy and which gives mental peace. Minimalist theme is all about getting down to the essentials in life and avoiding too much stuffing.