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Kids Room Interior Designer

Cozy And Quirky Dwelling For Your Kids By The Finest Kids Room Interior Designer In Navi Mumbai

It’s not possible for a kids room to follow the style, design and theme that favors the rest of the home. Aesthetics and functionality have a critical influence in all the rooms of the home. But kids’ room interior designers at SpaceEdit absolutely understand the psychology of kids too and thus, our kids’ room designs follow a converse methodology!

Other than considering the miniature elements of this youthful space, what we really consider is the ideology to plan a kid’s room that makes it stand apart from the remainder of the home.

Also, it’s okay not to know where to begin with the plan. We will assist you with all your doubts like:

  • Which color and shade to choose for your kids’ room?
  • How to organize and store their stuff?
  • Is wallpaper better or an art work on the wall?
  • What fabrics should be used?

Kids room interior designers at SpaceEdit consider all these concerns while designing the most vivacious room of your home. Allow us to simplify it for you with our mastery in interior designing services in Navi Mumbai.

SpaceEdit Kids’ Room Interior Design Service Advantages





Kids have very peculiar visions of how their bedroom should look, and often those ideas are inspired by movies, fairy tales, backdrops and superheroes. So we use funky designs and quirky fabrics are something which adds a zing to your kids’ room

Space edits make use of thoughtful and intelligent designs to maximize storage for your kids’ room. We use splashes of vivid colors to fill the room with high-spirited and positive energy. Our designs are equipped with child-friendly materials and surfaces for the safety of your peppy storms. 

We are the best home interior designers in Navi Mumbai providing services like furnishings, wallpapers, lighting, etc. So Get in touch with us as our kids’ room interior designers  can create amazing designs for your little ones’ room.

Kids don’t care much about the opulence and style when it comes to designing their respective room. All they want is that their surroundings should be bright, bold, fun and simply cheerful.

Our Theme Based Interiors For Your Kids’ Room

We create designs that are liked and appreciated by kids of all ages like:

Space Theme

A huge rocket and aliens. Planets that are forbidden. The navy blue walls of this space themed room will give a ‘deep space’ effect, which will definitely please your little astronaut. 

A blend of just white and red, and no other colors makes the room feeling really occupied with some serious missions going on! 

Your kids will adore the rocket bunk bed, the galaxies and the various planets on the walls.

Floral Theme

Flowers are an enduring favorite in kids’ rooms specially for girls. We use floral wallpapers that are striking, brilliant and delightful, and sufficiently retro to have some attitude. We pay special attention to bed linens that are in sync with the vivid floral theme. 

Robot Theme

There’s something so pleasingly retro yet modern about robots, the classic portrayal hasn’t moved on since the 1970s. 

We create designs paying special attention to robots on cushions, bed covers, robot prints and wall stickers and stencils, a robot wall painting. Showing some vintage robots on racks definitely adds to your little ones’ robotic world.

Nautical Theme

Aye aye captain! Nautical is an exemplary theme for boys, however we have figured out that it’s equally popular with girls. We put the onus exclusively on white, blue and red, with a couple of stripes, nautical embellishments and anchors tossed in. We make the bunk bed serve as a mystical sailing ship for your cool young sailor!

Bright Theme

For an advanced theme that pleases little ones as well as grown-up kids, and that can without much of a stretch be changed to suit various phases of their age, we pick and design a neutral backdrop and embellish with brights. 

We use  Lego storage blocks that are amusing and convenient for storing toys. The woven poufs, board of mathematical backdrop, bright colored chair and teepee all amount to a kids’ room that is lively and cool.

Super Hero Theme

Superheroes never lose their charm when it comes to kids’ room interiors. 

We create designs under this theme using vintage superheroes comic cover prints, cushions with cartoon characters and that fabulous urban wall painting giving a  Gotham City vibe. 

While using the superhero bed covers and linens ; we make them sync with other adornments in the room.

SpaceEdit Studio is a trusted name in Navi Mumbai when it comes to practical and unique interior designing.