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5 Things You Should Always Do Before Decorating Your Living Room

The living room is both a hub of activity where people come together and hang out, as well as a space to relax and switch off. Getting the balance right and making it work for you takes careful consideration, but the end result is definitely worth it.

To ensure your living room revamp goes smoothly, House Beautiful’s resident interior designer, Andrew Griffiths, founder of interior design studio A New Day, has shared five things you should always do before designing this multifunctional room.

First, take note of which way your living room faces. ‘This will influence how you need to work with the natural light. A north-facing room that gets little or no direct sunlight has to be treated differently to a south-facing one in terms of the colours and overall feel of the space,’ Andrew explains.

Secondly, consider what time of day you mostly use the space. If you find yourself using your living room mostly in the evenings, Andrew suggests introducing colours, textures and detailing that will look great in lower light and contribute to an overall cosy feel.

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